Heating & Air Conditioning Enterprises have recently grouped the names of it’s divisions (Hace – Royal Temp – Golden Star) into (HACE), while preserving the company’s good reputation and expertise acquired in the past 30 years for providing high quality HVAC products, supplies and services.

HACE took the advantage of the strongly increasing demand on its high quality products and launched numerous expansion plans to increase the production capacity by double, increase the working staff by 30%, provide totally new products with wider range of choice, release new HVAC products series with new specifications and develop the existing products and services. HACE is based on a production facility of 30’000 m² along with a storage area of 5’750m². HACE team consists of more than 500 highly skillful technical and senior engineers.

In 1976 HACE started the manufacturing of HVAC products and supplies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 1980, the primary manufacturing plant was built in the Second Industrial City in Riyadh and from that point, HACE started the manufacture of air conditioning equipment, air devices, heavy duty centrifugal blowers, and pre-insulated pipes under the trade name "Goldenstar". In 2004, the company trade name was changed to "Royal Temp" and to be used for all products. In 2012, the name HACE was chosen to replace the old trade names and declare a new milestone in the company’s history.

In continuation of its growth pursuit, HACE is eagerly following the recent HVAC technologies and developments by providing its employees with the best training sessions coupled with its wide knowledge of HVAC sciences and products. HACE high quality equipment has acquired various international certifications like AHRI, ETL, UL, CE, and ISO 9001 along with many vendor approvals from the governmental sector, semi-governmental and leading private companies.

Today, HACE is producing a huge variety of HVAC products, supplies and services that will grant all of its customer’s air comfort requirements to the least detail, "Tailor Your Atmosphere".

Our Vision

Become customer’s first choice regionally and be recognized globally for providing high quality air comfort solutions.

Our Mission

Ensure total customer satisfaction for Air Comfort requirements by providing high quality, tailored, affordable, energy efficient and eco-friendlyproducts and services.