Certified to AHRI as complying with ARI Standard 410 - Forced Circulation Air Cooling and Air Heating Coils
Certified to AHRI as complying with AHRI Standard 340/360 – Unitary Large Equipment (Air Cooled Packaged Units)
Certified to AHRI as complying with AHRI Standard 880 - VAV Air Terminals

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 Heating and Cooling Equipment UL 1995 (Mini Split Condensing Unit) 
 UL listing for (Fire Dampers) as per UL 555 standard

Chicago Blower manufacturers a broad range of fans and blowers for commercial and industrial installations and original equipments manufacturers. HACE is the area representive for Chicago Blowers.


Compliance with the applicable requirements of the standard for:
• Electric Duct Heaters UL 1996 – Electric Duct Heaters
• Electrically Operated Valves UL 429 – VAV Terminals


ETL Testing Laboratory is a U.S. electronic (Electrical Testing Laboratories) abbreviation. ETL laboratory inventors from the United States in 1896 in Edison single-handedly created; in the United States and around the world enjoy a high reputation. With UL, CSA, like ETL standards or in accordance with UL standard tests issued by the U.S. National ETL certification mark can also be at the same time the United States in accordance with UL standards or national standards and CSA standards or standard tests issued by the Canadian composite certification mark. The lower right corner of the "us" that applies to the United States, the bottom left of the "c" that applies to Canada, at the same time with "us" and "c" is applicable in both countries. 

Any electrical, mechanical or mechanical and electrical products with a long ETL logo on the show that this product has been achieved by the widely recognized products of the United States and Canada minimum requirements for safety standards, it is tested in accordance with the relevant product safety standards; but also represents a production plants agreed to receive regular stringent checks to ensure consistency of product quality can be sold in the market between the two countries the United States and Canada. 
ETL requirements of its production sites also have been tested, and the applicant agreed to its factory since the tracking of periodic inspection to ensure products always comply with this request.


ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for the quality management of businesses.  It applies to the processes that create and control the products and services an organisation supplies, and prescribes systematic control of activities to ensure that the needs and expectations of customers are met.  ISO 9001 is designed and intended to apply to virtually any product or service, made by any process anywhere in the world.


Heating and Air Conditioning Enterprises having satisfied the membership requirements, and has been granted membership in the  Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc.  

Member Since February, 2013